Lee Perry
April 15th, 2024

A week in Kirby CMS

A short update this week, as the week was a quiet one on my website - mainly because I have been rebuilding it.

This week I have:

  • Introduced some basic styling into the Kirby Starterkit theme, mainly limited to font face (Atkinson Hyperlegible), and the font weight of the title and abstract sections.
  • Templated the structured data collected in activity and route format types into the page format.
  • Created archive pages for activity and route content types, including tagmoji to denote activity type, and some structured data.
  • I wrote in an earlier Scribble about getting feeds working on Kirby, I have also set that up so only blog items will be published to the feed.  That should keep syndication volume sensible, and keep my fitness and weigh-in data out of feed readers.
  • Reuploaded around 2 years worth of mountaineering photos, which seems to have sped up the blog page no-end (will need to keep an eye on this).
  • Integrated pageRank directly within the site - looking to minimise lookups / subscriptions, though I may retrace steps on Tinylytics yet, I'm not completely decided.
  • Put a full working version of the site on my staging server.