Lee Perry
March 17th, 2024

View statistics on Scribbles

I wrote an article a few days on Scribbles, and while I still have no idea what I'm going to use Scribbles for, there is no plan, I wanted to talk a little about analytics so far - as they have surprised me.

When I originally moved my site over to micro.blog a year ago, one of the reasons for that was engagement within the community (and wider mastodon community).  It hasn't really worked out that way.  I still get good traffic from google on my retrogaming stuff, and probably have a conversation every week or two, usually about Burnley FC.  The most popular new posts that I write might gain 20 views, and if I'm lucky gain a couple of post likes, at least one of which will be from my wife.

So when I wrote a quick article on Scribbles, linked to on indieweb.social, talking about Scribbles, I didn't really expect to see much traction.

Scribbles Traffic (Tinylytics)
Scribbles Traffic (Tinylytics)

The 'On Scribbles' Article that I wrote has easily taken at least 4 x more views than anything else I have written in the last year.

Scribbles Kudos (Tinylytics)
Scribbles Kudos (Tinylytics)

Similarly, kudos received on that article is around 4 x higher than similar articles on my site too.  Interestingly though, there are a couple of early posts, a quick photo from Bolton Wanderers' Reebok Stadium, and another of my Podenco Andaluz Mr. Leo, both picking up kudos.  Similar posts on my website typically pick up no engagement at all.

I'm not sure what to read into the above, whether that is about the community and explore view in Scribbles, that I was talking about something new and novel, that the UX of the content structure in Scribbles leads better to clicking through kudos, whether Mastodon treats posts not syndicated from micro.blog differently in some way.  What I do know though is that this is much more traffic than I expected to see.